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  • José Luis Becerra Pozas

Digital Transformation, an Ally for SMEs in Mexico Too

As a consequence of the pandemic, small and medium-sized enterprises found it essential to become more flexible in their operations by adopting the use of information technologies. This has allowed them to improve and optimize processes, streamline operations, and carry out various activities such as data backup and storage, processing, and turning them into analytical information.

Considering digital platforms as a tool to enhance their business is already a significant advancement. By investing in technology, SMEs can gain advantages in three aspects: customer service, faster response times, and increased operational efficiency, according to Alldatum, a Mexican company specializing in Digital Transformation and Data Governance, Big Data, and Master Data Management (MDM).

IDC forecasts that spending on information technologies by SMEs in Latin America would grow by 6.3% in 2022.

"Although digital transformation has become a vehicle for persistence, we must also understand that the opportunities it offers to SMEs include exponential growth in a market that is increasingly in need of digital products and services," asserts Esther Riveroll, Founder and CEO of Alldatum.

She adds that without digital transformation, businesses and industries would find it impossible to continue in their markets. Even due to low sales, SMEs have adopted new e-commerce models, changed their communication methods, and enhanced their interaction and contact with customers, among other changes. Now, she says, "companies must evolve while adopting new digital elements to meet customer demand and add value to their products or services."

However, she warns that this evolution implies a change in culture, business strategy, and operational methods, "details that will be favorable in the short or medium term."

The founder of Alldatum concludes that "companies with greater access to software, applications, technical management skills, and organizational skills will benefit more than others" and that, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), technology will offer great potential to increase productivity and competitiveness for your companies.

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