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Data Governance

Supporting your data governance program requires more than spreadsheets and simple documentation tools. EBX supports every facet of your data governance program with a process driven, governance repository to capture all your critical data elements, business terms, policies, rules, and responsibilities.


Data stewards, managers, users and data owners can collaborate through workflow-driven, intuitive user interfaces.

• Improve business ownership. EBX is designed for end users, data stewards and business analysts.

• Support for any business metadata. EBX can absorb all your artifacts, including Critical Data Elements, policies, business rules, RACI matrixes, and business terms.

• More than documentation. EBX goes beyond metadata to let you directly map governance rules to runtime validation and workflow of your master and reference data.

Govern your most important processes, make sure your data complies with regulatory entities, reduce costs and become the data enabler of the company.

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