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Master Data Management

Every transaction in your organization is built on master data: products, customers, employees, suppliers, financial hierarchies or reference data. Accurate and consistent master data streamlines your operational processes and increases the quality of your reporting and analysis.

EBX simplifies multidomain master data management by providing one way to manage, govern, and share all your master data.

• It’s actually multidomain. EBX lets you model any master data—including relationships between domains—without buying separate solutions.

• Designed for the business not just your data stewards and developers because mass adoption is critical for success.

• Everything you need for MDM in one solution including workflow, data quality, role specific applications and more.

We support and advice our clients on how to manage their complete data. Our services include: Stewardship strategy, metadata management, reference data management, and cataloging.

Your data is one of your most important assets, reference data, metadata and master data should be interconnected and ready to be exploited.

Become a data driven business with our solution.

Data Governance

Supporting your data governance program requires more than spreadsheets and simple documentation tools. EBX supports every facet of your data governance program with a process driven, governance repository to capture all your critical data elements, business terms, policies, rules, and responsibilities.
Data stewards, managers, users and data owners can collaborate through workflow-driven, intuitive user interfaces.

• Improve business ownership. EBX is designed for end users, data stewards and business analysts.

• Support for any business metadata. EBX can absorb all your artifacts, including Critical Data Elements, policies, business rules, RACI matrixes, and business terms.

• More than documentation. EBX goes beyond metadata to let you directly map governance rules to runtime validation and workflow of your master and reference data.

Govern your most important processes, make sure your data complies with regulatory entities, reduce costs and become the data enabler of the company.

Data quality, and Data Catalog

Many organizations begin data management projects to address their large quantity of low quality and inconsistent data. Because the quality issue is so pressing, the project team focuses their efforts on “cleaning their lake” of bad data. Not much thought is given to what happens once that initial project is over.

What these organizations are missing is that one-time quality projects are ineffective if they not paired with a sustaining process designed to maintain high levels of data quality. The reason is that master data, even the slowly changing dimensions sometimes found in reference data, is not static. Without tools to sustain quality, master data becomes increasingly inconsistent over time.
This is why EBX comes bundled with a wide variety of tools to help your organization maintain data quality. Business rules, computations, and validations can be defined in the data model. As new information enters the platform, the EBX validation engine enforces these rules and provides a real-time validation report that can be used for interactive resolution.
Our multi-factor matching engine provides many algorithms and techniques to find exact and fuzzy candidate matches that can be resolved using human (stewardship) or system/heuristic (survivorship) driven methods.

We create strategies for data integration, data warehouses and data lake. We collaborate with our clients with an interactive approach to constantly improve and track the quality of data over time.

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Data Automation/Integration

Imagine a world where your data flows seamlessly between applications, tasks happen automatically, and you can focus on what truly matters – growing your business. That's the power of Platform Automation as a Service (IPaaS). SnapLogic seamlessly integrates with your existing applications, databases, and tools. With drag-and-drop functionality and over 700 pre-built connectors (snaps), you can automate tasks like data extraction, transformation, and loading without writing a single line of code powered by Artificial Intelligence.  Make fully working integrations in days or even minutes with SnapGPT. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you streamline your operations, gain valuable insights, and reduce silos. 

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