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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

We've all seen them in Hollywood movies and read about them in science fiction novels, machines capable of learning, adapting, and thinking on their own. Artificial Intelligence (AI) are promised to become the next greatest step in human-to-machine interaction.

Some people believe that “Artificial Intelligence” and “Machine Learning” are the same concept, when in reality, an artificial intelligence is a computer or machine that has given the ability to mimic human behavior. While machine learning is a specific subset of AI, which is the science of training a machine how to learn.

When you ask a question to an AI the machine is able to understand the information provided and look for coherent relationships between data and variables, formulating an answer, but it doesn't stop there, an AI does more than just answer questions like any other computer, an AI will also provide the user with alternative answers depending on multiple variables or even suggest different ways to analyze the information and look for different ways to answer your question.

Machine learning models are trained to utilize statistics, neural networks, mathematical operations and physics to learn, therefore functioning in a cyclic matter:

1.    Asking questions.

2.    Looking for patterns in data.

3.    Training an algorithm.

4.    Try the algorithm.

5.    Collect data.

6.    Use the data collected.

7.    Repeat.

At Alldatum Business, we develop solutions that can automate and provide learning abilities to your machines in order for you to have the most efficient data strategies for your organization.

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