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Digital Transformation

Technology is in a constant state of evolution, because of this, every business has to change how they use and organize their data. Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into a business, specifically changing the way they operate and interact with costumers.

Digital Transformation is also a form of cultural evolution within the organization, which requires to consistently challenge the status quo, experiment with new forms of technology and work environments. This transformation is crucial for every business that wishes to remain competitive in a world that is always becoming more digital oriented.

There is still a lot of misinformation about what digital transformation can do for an organization, some believe it to be just a “catchy” way of saying “moving to the cloud” or “putting it on a computer”.

In reality, the definition of digital transformation is different for every company, since each one of them has different needs. However, we can define digital transformation, in general terms, as recognizing an opportunity, or as Jay Ferro, CEO of Quikrete explains, “The “why” of your organization´s digital transformation might be around improving customer experience, reducing friction, increasing productivity, or elevating profitability”. (The Enterprisers Project - Jay Ferro, 2020)

At Alldatum Business, we support our clients on recognizing their opportunity, and creating a digital transformation strategy that will help them exploit the best use of their data and information.

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